Mesa Arts Center

Located in downtown Mesa, Arizona, the Mesa Arts Center is a performing and visual arts complex that has been inspiring people through engaging arts experiences since its completion in 2005. With over 210,000 square feet of space, it is the largest comprehensive arts campus in the state, making it a significant cultural beacon in the region.

The Mesa Arts Center is home to four theaters, the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, and a variety of studios. This diverse range of facilities allows the center to offer a broad spectrum of shows, concerts, classes, and events. From ceramics and painting to theater and music, the center provides opportunities for people of all ages to explore their creativity and learn new skills.

The architecture of the Mesa Arts Center is a sight to behold. The $95 million facility was designed by the renowned Bora Architects and reflects the geological forms of the Arizona landscape. This harmonious blend of art and nature has made the center a landmark in downtown Mesa.

The center's mission is to inspire people through arts experiences that are diverse, accessible, and relevant. This commitment to inclusivity and engagement is evident in its educational programs and community events. Festivals, free concerts, and other events are regularly put on by the Mesa Arts Center, enriching the cultural life of the community.

The Mesa Arts Center is more than just a venue for arts and entertainment. It is a place where creativity, innovation, and inspiration are celebrated. Whether you're an artist, a student, or simply someone who appreciates the arts, the Mesa Arts Center offers a wealth of experiences that inspire and engage.

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