Hohokam Stadium

Located near Mesa, Hohokam Stadium is a historic baseball park that has been a significant part of the city's sports culture. Known for its capacity to hold 10,500 spectators, the stadium is a popular venue for baseball games and other events.

Hohokam Stadium, also known as Dwight W. Patterson Field, was opened in February 1997. The stadium was named after the Hohokam people, an ancient civilization that lived in the region. The architecture firm Populous designed the stadium, reflecting the rich history and culture of the area.

The stadium is situated in a residential area of Mesa, directly across the street from the City of Mesa Cemetery. Its location adds a unique charm and makes it easily accessible for locals and visitors alike. The stadium is currently the spring training home of the Oakland Athletics, a testament to its high-quality facilities and the love for baseball in the region.

Over the years, Hohokam Stadium has undergone several renovations to maintain its status as a top-tier baseball park. In 2014, a significant renovation took place to improve the facilities and enhance the experience for players and spectators. The stadium now boasts modern amenities while retaining its historic charm.

Hohokam Stadium is more than just a sports venue. It is a symbol of Mesa's rich history and its ongoing commitment to sports and community engagement. Whether you're a baseball fan or a history enthusiast, a visit to Hohokam Stadium offers a unique experience that combines sports, history, and community spirit.

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