Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce

The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce, located near Fountain Hills, is a community-driven organization that has been serving the local business community since 1974. The Chamber's primary goal is to ensure the success of local businesses, and it achieves this by focusing on local, regional, and national issues that directly impact the business environment.

The Chamber is located at 16837 E. Palisades, where it also houses a Visitor Center. This center provides information about statewide tourism and local attractions in Fountain Hills, making it a valuable resource for both residents and visitors.

The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce is more than just a business organization. It is a community hub that brings together business owners, community leaders, and residents. The Chamber hosts a variety of events throughout the year, providing opportunities for networking, learning, and community engagement.

In addition to events, the Chamber also offers a range of resources to support local businesses. These include a business directory, a calendar of events, and opportunities for businesses to promote their services and products to the community.

The Chamber is also actively involved in community development initiatives. It works closely with the Town of Fountain Hills and other local organizations to promote economic growth and enhance the quality of life in the community.

In conclusion, the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce is a vital part of the Fountain Hills community. It plays a crucial role in supporting local businesses, promoting economic development, and fostering a sense of community among residents. Whether you're a business owner, a resident, or a visitor, the Chamber offers resources and opportunities that enrich the Fountain Hills community.

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